Top 5 Summer Hats to Protect Your Skin

Following five wide-brim sun hats are functional in protecting your skin from sunburn and damage.

Sun Hat

Scorching summer is come, so a sun hat could relief heat and shield harmful UV rays. By and large, many doctors recommend wearing a wide-brim hat like a bucket hat and sun-protective clothes in addition to smearing sunscreen, because it’s difficult for most people to come up with reapplication of sunscreen every few hours. In such an occasion, wearing hats is a backup method to protect your face. Which kind of hat are suitable for your fashion style? Look at the following five kinds of hats to find the most suitable one for yourself.

The first one is wide-brim hats. It’s worthy that one could stake a bet on wide-brim hats. A dermatologist and author of Feed Your Face in Los Angles says that wide brims of hats could shield delicate skin near one’s neck and ears. By and large, skin cancers often develop from above two parts. They also could protect wearers from direct UV rays and those reflected rays from the water and sand. In recent years, such hats have emerged on runways in Europe, leaving them as chic as they are functional.

The second one is a shade cap. In case you love to wear baseball hats, the shade cap will fit you well. It’s similar to a baseball cap, but additional seven inches of fabric is stitched to the crown. Down-draping fabric is help to protect the skin near one’s neck and years. Most fabric is lightweight and breathable, and the long-draping fabric could be folded into the crown when one does not need it. Shade cap is functional for those who would like to camp and hike. Such hats are available at sports and outdoor supply stores.

The third one is a floppy hat. Similar to a wide-brim hat, one floppy is wonderful to protect one’s face, ears and neck. But a straw floppy hat should be avoided, because holes in a hat could let in harmful UV rays. Wu also says one should find a hat made from dark, thick and opaque fabric. It would be better to choose a fabric with UPF rate of 25 or higher. One should slather on sunscreen on the neck and ears, because floppy hats are more fragile than common cotton wide-brim hats.

The fourth one is a fedora. Many famous stars like Justin Timberlake and Indiana Jones will take the full advantages of fedora hats to make a fashion statement. It’s fortunate that a typical 2.5-inch brim are useful to provide plenty of sun protection.

That last but not the least — a bucket hat. Bucket hats are not for fishermen exclusively. Previous old-fashioned fishing hats have been added a sense of modernity. Loads of colours and patterns emerge in them, contributing to their fashion statements. When choosing a fishermen’s hat, a 2- to 3-inch brim is necessary to protect your neck and ears. One dark and non-reflective underside to the brim should be better than a lighter one, which is effective to shield reflected UV rays from the water and sand.




Fashionable Clothes in Sex and the City

A lot of hat designers are together in England, a country with profound hat culture. You will find that almost everyone in England wears a hat, which can protect them from being damaged by the sun and rain, meanwhile, can make them more fashionable. Not only women, but also men and kids will wear a hat in different occasions.

Let’s know some designers from the article. Although her brand was founded in 1990, which was later than other designers’ brands, Rachel Trevor-Morgan was quickly recognized and loved by the Queen, and the Queen herself became her loyal fan. She wore the hats designed by Trevor-Morgan at the Royal Ascot and her 80th birthday celebration. Of course, Trevor-Morgan has other customers, such as members of the Royal Family and British aristocrat.

Trevor-Morgan’s studio is located at King James Street, London. In this alley full of hand-tailored shops and famous restaurants, her store is still eye-catching. The square white signboard with her name “Rachel Trevor-Morgan” is nailed to the wall. You should ring the doorbell on the black wooden door and wait for someone to open the door. The store has been founded here for two decades. Therefore, Trevor-Morgan also said that she had a good taste. The second floor of her studio is her showroom. There are more than 50 colorful and unique female hats that are placed on a black iron shelf.

“Cap” refers to the headpiece for daily life; “hat” is worn in formal occasions. “Hats” are often worn by the Queen, Diana(Princess of Wales), Catherine(Duchess of Cambridge) and the ladies in the TV series “Downton Abby”. Pretty, beautiful and weird hats are also shown at the Royal Ascot. The British hat culture has a long history. As early as the 18th century, there were special workshops for customized hats. In Britain, the first country to invent a steam engine, the industrial revolution changed greatly the traditional handicraft industry. However, the hat industry still only followed the tradition of the handicraft industry.

Sex and the City is an American romantic comedy-drama television series. Four women tackle modern social issues such as sexuality, safe sex, promiscuity, and femininity, while explore the difference between friendships and romantic relationships. On the one hand, we can know the precious friendship among four women. On the other hand, we can know lots of fashionable clothes in this TV show.

We can say that “Sex and the City” makes audience not only concentrate on the plot, but also pay attention to the fashion shown in this drama. The TV show quickly became popular in the United States when it was launched in 1998. The four female protagonists live in Manhattan, New York and live a life they want. Almost every girl wants the countless clothes of designer brands worn by the four women. Fashion brands in this drama include Fendi, an Italian luxury fashion house, Jimmy Choo which is known for its handmade women’s shoes, Manolo Blahnik, a Spanish fashion brand and so on.

Girls who want to be stylish should watch the TV show and emulate the styles. In addition, a simple fashion item will make you look different and pretty, such as a beret hat. You can choose a black hat which is suitable for everyone.

Fashionable Clothes in Mad Men

Britain has traditional and unique hat culture, which represents the British people’s love for hats. Hats are not only an indispensable decoration for ladies, according to aristocratic tradition, hats are also a symbol of social status. With the development of society and hairstyles, the styles of hats are changing. Berets, bowler hats, wool knit hats are becoming increasingly popular in England. Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, is indeed a trendsetter, and she is well-known for her thousands of colorful and bold hats. The hats she has worn are different from each other. Not only do British ladies love hats, but British gentlemen do too. Gentlemen also have to wear a hat in formal occasions. Therefore, in the country with special hat culture, there are a lot of excellent hat designers.

Stephen Jones (born in 1957) is a leading British milliner. Regarded as one of the world’s most radical and important milliners of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, he is prolific, and has created hats for the catwalk shows of many leading couturiers and fashion designers, such as John Galliano at Dior and Vivienne Westwood. Dior, a high-end fashion house in France, designs accessories for women, men and babies, and produces fragrance, makeup and skincare. In 2009, Jones co-curated the 2009 exhibition Hats: An Anthology for the Victoria and Albert Museum. He graduated from Central Saint Martins College, this professional designer has designed hats for Diana Spencer, Dita Von Teese, Madonna Ciccone and so on. He is the first British designer who enters the Paris fashion market.

After provided financial backing by Blitz’s owner Steve Strange, Jones has his first millinery salon, which was an instant success, with Jones commenting in 2008: “Overnight, I had a business”. His first Paris fashion show and his first televised show took place in 1982. Jones was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2010 New Year Honours.

If you like watching TV drama series, you may find that clothes in some of them are so fashionable. We will introduce them for you.

Clothes in Mad Men

Mad Men is an American period drama television series, set primarily in the 1960s, which premiered on July 19, 2007 and ended on May 17, 2015. Widely regarded as one of the greatest television series of all time, it has received widespread critical acclaim for its writing, acting, and historical authenticity and won many awards, including 16 Emmys and five Golden Globes, becoming the first basic cable series to receive the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series and winning in each of its first four seasons.

Janie Bryant, the costumes designer of this drama, collected many magazines, such as Vogue, Time and Look in order to design costumes that could reflect what people were wearing at that time. These details, including the width of a tie, the length of a hemline, the cut of a suit, will give cues to the audience of subtle character and plot changes.There is a photo about the drama. The beret has been popular at that time. In addition to berets, you will also find beret in our online store. Choose your favorite one and become fashionable.


Fashionable Clothes in Downton Abbey

England can be regarded as a fashionable country with many high-end designer brands. If you love fashion, you must know the well-designed hats in British. We can say that it embrace the most stylish and boldest hats in the world. The Queen Elizabeth II is  a hat enthusiast because of her pursuit for fashion and the profound culture influence.

Let’s know an Irish hat designer—Philip Treacy based in London, a familiar designer to the British people, who is known for his madness of creativity. The friendship between he and Isabella Blow makes him stand out from lots of milliners. You can find his works in many fashion shows. He also collaborated with trendsetters, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan and Valentino. He has designed hats for Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, Beatrice Elizabeth Mary, Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga. Sarah Jessica Parker once wore one of his designs to the Sex and the City film premiere. In addition, the hats designed by Philip Treacy has appeared at the Royal Ascot and weddings of upper classes. For example, thirty-six hats designed by Treacy were worn at the Royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on 29 April 2011.

In an interview, Treacy talked about something about himself. He said that he most admired the Queen because she had kept hats alive in the imagination of people all over the world. He said he was so disappointed because his friends Alexander (McQueen), Isabella (Blow) had passed away. The most important lesson life had taught his was that to keep going. He liked to stay in his studio most.

The dressing style of British women has always been extremely unique. The London Fashion Week that is held annually allows the world to see British fashion. With the popularity of “Downton Abby”, the elegant and delicate costumes in the drama make people re-recognize the exquisite and classical costumes of the Victorian period in the 1900s. What are the characteristics of Victorian costumes? Let’s look at these costumes together.

1.Exquisite and Beautiful

The British lady’s style has always been known for its elegant and delicate details. In Downton Abby, we see that the protagonists looked fresh and elegant in dress. Not only the dresses, but all accessories, such as hats, gloves, and jewellery, all attract attention from audience and express a sense of refinement.


The United Kingdom has always been famous for its “restraint, gentility and observance” and these features are also well reflected in their costumes. As for the color of clothing, almost everyone wears in cool colors, and we rarely see bright colors in the works of British designers. Although you may feel that they are very cool, the different accessories make them look absolutely elegant. In particular, a black printed shirt paired with a black skirt worn by a lady highlights her nobleness and elegance.

I believe that almost each girl wants to be pretty and gorgeous. After reading the article, you can emulate some of styles we have introduced for you. There is one fashion item I want to recommend. The beret hat, which has been popular again among young people, is a necessary accessory for girls and boys to be fashionable.