Top 5 Summer Hats to Protect Your Skin

Following five wide-brim sun hats are functional in protecting your skin from sunburn and damage.

Sun Hat

Scorching summer is come, so a sun hat could relief heat and shield harmful UV rays. By and large, many doctors recommend wearing a wide-brim hat like a bucket hat and sun-protective clothes in addition to smearing sunscreen, because it’s difficult for most people to come up with reapplication of sunscreen every few hours. In such an occasion, wearing hats is a backup method to protect your face. Which kind of hat are suitable for your fashion style? Look at the following five kinds of hats to find the most suitable one for yourself.

The first one is wide-brim hats. It’s worthy that one could stake a bet on wide-brim hats. A dermatologist and author of Feed Your Face in Los Angles says that wide brims of hats could shield delicate skin near one’s neck and ears. By and large, skin cancers often develop from above two parts. They also could protect wearers from direct UV rays and those reflected rays from the water and sand. In recent years, such hats have emerged on runways in Europe, leaving them as chic as they are functional.

The second one is a shade cap. In case you love to wear baseball hats, the shade cap will fit you well. It’s similar to a baseball cap, but additional seven inches of fabric is stitched to the crown. Down-draping fabric is help to protect the skin near one’s neck and years. Most fabric is lightweight and breathable, and the long-draping fabric could be folded into the crown when one does not need it. Shade cap is functional for those who would like to camp and hike. Such hats are available at sports and outdoor supply stores.

The third one is a floppy hat. Similar to a wide-brim hat, one floppy is wonderful to protect one’s face, ears and neck. But a straw floppy hat should be avoided, because holes in a hat could let in harmful UV rays. Wu also says one should find a hat made from dark, thick and opaque fabric. It would be better to choose a fabric with UPF rate of 25 or higher. One should slather on sunscreen on the neck and ears, because floppy hats are more fragile than common cotton wide-brim hats.

The fourth one is a fedora. Many famous stars like Justin Timberlake and Indiana Jones will take the full advantages of fedora hats to make a fashion statement. It’s fortunate that a typical 2.5-inch brim are useful to provide plenty of sun protection.

That last but not the least — a bucket hat. Bucket hats are not for fishermen exclusively. Previous old-fashioned fishing hats┬áhave been added a sense of modernity. Loads of colours and patterns emerge in them, contributing to their fashion statements. When choosing a fishermen’s hat, a 2- to 3-inch brim is necessary to protect your neck and ears. One dark and non-reflective underside to the brim should be better than a lighter one, which is effective to shield reflected UV rays from the water and sand.




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